Monday, May 21, 2012

Chimichurri Tsa Tsa Tsa!

I recently came across a post for chimichurri sauce.  It so tantalized my mental taste buds - as well as gave me something to do with all the parsley I have growing in my garden but haven't a clue as to what to turn it into - I knew I just had to try it.  It did NOT disappoint.  We had this over broiled salmon (the grill, which I'd have preferred to use, is out of gas right now), alongside sweet oven-roasted brussel sprouts and luscious buttery mashed potatoes.  The sauce was the star, hence the zinging "tsa tsa tsa" in my title.  So easy, and what a lively sparkle this will add to any meat you serve.  Roasted chicken will be tonight's main dish graced with this saucy topping.  My family will be thrilled to see it at the table again!

Chimichurri Sauce

1 heaping cup of fresh parsley
1 heaping cup of fresh cilantro
1/2 tsp sea salt
good grinding of pepper
6-8 cloves of garlic
1 healthy lemon squeezed of its juice
1 full lime squeezed of its juice
1 cup olive oil
pinch of cumin and a pinch of red pepper flakes if you like (I forgot them this time)

Stuff all of this, except for the olive oil, in your food processor and pulse a few times.  Then begin drizzling olive oil in as your processor runs, stopping from time to time to scrape down the sides so as to make sure all is getting incorporated.  When it is well blended, dip your finger in to taste.  Allow mouth to water and eyes to roll  in response (like you can stop it) and transfer to serving dish.  Anticipate the oohs and aahs.....

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