Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I suppose most of America heard about the mother who spoke up against the explicit lyrics being taught to her 6-year-old daughter - just a few weeks ago. Anyone happen to catch the article on the young cheerleaders in Connecticut who protested the skimpiness of their uniforms' appearance? It sure caught my eye. In this day and age, anyone taking issue regarding the decency and appropriateness of public appearance is quite a rarity. I must admit, I have inwardly shaken my head at what I can only conclude is naivete' on the part of parents who encourage or go along with their daughter's enthusiasm to pursue cheerleading. Sure, I understand team spirit and the fun of rah-rah-rahing your side to victory. But once again, the times and ways of our culture have left this particular pursuit wide open in just about any way you might choose to imagine.

Cheerleading has been an issue for me for years as the Mother of sons. Remotes must always be in hand during sports events so as to quickly switch away from half-time temptations. But having daughters who are now of an age to participate (and having had to decline) has brought it more to the forefront. I could go on about how this past-time encourages exhibitionism, but can a true argument even be made that it does not? As I looked for a picture to adorn this post, I had to repeatedly minimize the screen as my husband, grown sons, and impressionable young daughters walked near me and my computer. What a job of stealth it was to lightly scan all the scantilly clad and suggestively (no, erotically) posed women in order to find an image of innocence that I think is what most parents are envisioning when they let their little girl don her "uniform."

Seriously, take a peek (parents) at what cheerleading has become. Are these the aspirations you want to encourage in your daughter? And even for those cheers and the girls who shout them out with smiles and real earnestness, I still have to say, "Come on. Your jumping around and high kicks create more of a distraction for men and boys to overcome than they inspire them to root for the team."

Reality Check


  1. *sings* What's wrong with the world today? (I never seen so many problems today)

    If I give up cheerleaders on earth, can I store up my (cheerleading)treasure in heaven?

  2. Just a few. On earth, they are your mother, your sisters, your wife, and your daughters, and your friends. ;p

  3. I liked your post but that girl is not good for migraine eyes