Tuesday, January 24, 2012

e.l.f. Cosmetics

What a cute name, right?  I chose this line of cosmetics for my daughter's first experience in having her own makeup products.  They have a wide offering of all kinds, but of course I really wanted to introduce her to makeup that was mineral based and provided her with a vision for how makeup is meant to enhance, not cover, our natural beauty. I chose to take advantage of a Groupon which allowed me the opportunity of getting more for my money while exploring a line of products with which I was unfamiliar.  We ordered a nice sampling of various items from their website (those in blue were for me, and those in black were for her):

Eye liner in coffee, lip liner in raisin and rose, moisturizing lip tint SPF 8 in cherry, mineral lipstick in rustic brick, a lip brush, the 4 piece bamboo brush set, and the e.l.f. Mineral Nice & Natural Kit, which included:

  • Mineral Blush in Coral
  • Mineral Eye Shadow in Elegant and Sassy
  • Mineral Booster in Small Sheer
  • Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph
  • Organizer in Bronze
  • Mineral Glow in Shimmer
Ok, bad news first is always best, in my opinion.  Although I was most looking forward to the gifts for my daughter, I regret to say I was not especially pleased with everything in the Nice and Natural Kit.  The products for her face are all rather shimmery. I wound up taking those and setting them aside, exchanging them with a foundation from Fairie Organics for her; it has more of a matte finish and we prefer that.  My daughter's skin is on the oily side and medium toned, and the e.l.f. blush turned out to be a bit too light for her.   As it turns out, she is satisfied with the color she still has in her cheeks as a young lady and so has chosen to hold off on adding more blush.  I was looking at e.l.f.'s Peachy - when she's ready I think I'll choose something warm for her like this.  

The eye shadow and mineral booster were lovely - she uses the combination of light and dark on her eyes, and she loves the softness of all the brushes.  Although I'd intended to be a sort of secondary tester, I was actually more pleased with the products I tried.  I love the lip and eye liners in particular.  They twist up, are mineral based with no chemical dyes, parabens, preservatives, or sharpening required - easy, inexpensive, and beautiful.  In fact, I really appreciate a line that has so much to offer on all those fronts and is good for the earth as well.   I haven't been able to find a stellar mascara out there.  Recommendations?

e.l.f.'s Mineral Nice and Natural Kit was the hook that drew me to try their products.  Sadly, it wasn't enough to bring me back, but Happily everything else I tried was!  And with strong pluses on the fronts of price, prettiness, and planet-practicality I'll revisit them again with my basket over my arm.

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