Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Five Words...

Have you ever heard of that challenge to describe yourself in five words?  Yesterday I sent out a little text to a few people in my family - "How's life?  In five words..."  It was a small nudge to communicate in a low key sort of way.  Some seemed to find it a bit too formidable - maybe they saw it too much like a bar set low in a "limbo" sort of way.  It's not going to be set in granite, folks.

Hence, no response - you know who you are.  But most sallied forth, gave it a shot, and brought a smile to my face and a little laughter to my day.

This morning I opened all the upstairs windows to clear out the musties.  The warm sunshine of yesterday has morphed into cool, cloudy grays; tomorrow it should reach lukewarm again.  As I changed my sheets, snapping them in the briskness drifting in from outside, I mulled over a five-word communique for the day.  All sorts of competing and contrary words tumbled around in my mind vying, "Pick me! Pick me!"

Laughing out loud, I chose, "April is a fickle girl."  There is so much more to this than meets the eye.

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  1. Now that's a fun idea! :)

    Stopping by through WFMW!

  2. I'm not THAT fickle... lol

    Hmmm.... Five words, but doesn't have to be a sentence...

    Blessed, Exhausting, Rainy, Colorful, Homespun!