Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Not Easy Being A Blogger

I saw this title via another blog I follow, but when I went to read it... well, have you ever expected to relate to somebody because of a shared experience and when you get to talking you find out that what you feel is nothing like what they feel.  So I'm blogging about this from my own place.

Top 7 Reasons I Find It Hard To Blog

  1. I get off my routine.  I had a good groove going, shooting for Sunday night or Monday morning as my time frame when I could fit in writing a post without feeling that I was taking too much time away from my dear husband and kiddos.  Then I went to Texas for a long overdue visit with my family, came back and had a full week's schedule waiting to be tackled as I hit the ground running, while trying to do the post-trip decompression.  Heck, things have been a bit hectic and off kilter ever since. 
  2. Change of Calendar Season.  I know it's not officially Summer yet, but it's felt like it to me for two months now.  Only thing is, I've been sort of vacillating between the calendar on my wall and the one in my mind.  So I don't have a clear plan formulated for these months "in-between" one school year and the next.  It's desperately lacking and interfering with my ability to blog, among other things.
  3. Inspiration eludes me.  Simple writer's block, old as pictograms and cuneiform.
  4. Too many ideas when there's not enough time.  I jot them down when I can; then I come back later and check on them.  Some are rightful gems; however, more were silly court jesters masquerading as wordy valedictorians.
  5. Illumination and Energy are on different schedules.  I often feel the tickles and tingles of imagination sparkling like fireflies, coming on just around the time dusk begins to settle.  But I'm also entering a season of feeling as tuckered out as a toddler once the sun snuggles down for the night.
  6. Doubt.  I thought this might be a good moment to interject a quote so I looked around online. Funny how around half of the words confessing one's self-hesitancy and misgivings are written by writers.  Point made.
  7. I can't talk about it.  The balance between being open and forthright on the one hand, yet considerate of the privacy of others is ever present before me.  And sometimes the latter area of my life is so tremendously large and consuming, I find it to be rather a dis-service to these weighty issues to attempt blogging about the more modest routines of life that are helping me get by.  
  8. You name it.  I know this is a list of The Top 7, my favorite number, but then this last one knocked and demanded entry.  All too often there's something - another hobby, a particularly trying child, hospitalizations, the freezer konks out and I'm forced to marathon cook for three days, whatever.  Its the unexpected arrival or intrusion of something that squeezes out or necessarily minimizes Life's other activities and obligations.  For the past two weeks its been Japanese Beetles - you know the buggers?
My mojo has been missing for a while now, but just blogging about it has helped.  

Thanks, ya'll.

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  1. My blogging hindrances are different, more visual than a lack of words. If I don't create some art, there is nothing to post about. I was trying to post 3 times a week but that is now 2 times a week , which is much easier to handle. I post in the morning and I try to read other blogs at night when the family is watching tv. I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs. I try to remember that blogging is an extension of my creative self and not a job. :))