Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Field

Earlier this evening a dear friend prayed for me and I knelt beneath the comfort and assurance of our place before the throne.  I love being there; what an honor it is to lift one another up to the Lord with our thanks-giving and requests.  Within her words of grace, I was made mindful of the fact as she so sweetly put it, "We do not reap in the season we sow."   I am in a challenging season of field work at present, and it is taking all my energies of time and resources to press devotedly into the task before me.

The photo for this post is taken from the wallpaper currently on my computer.  The scripture is John 16:33.

I have told you these things,
So that in Me you may have peace.
In this world you will have trouble
But take heart!
He tells me....

I looked intently at the field in this picture tonight.  Light and shadows played against one another, the blades of grain separated into individual stalks with pale golden heads and green blades bent delicately, dark ruts and grey pebbles in the nearby road sharpened into focus.  I am here; I am sowing and sweating, and in due time and season the harvest will be reaped.

I have put off setting aside my blog.  It has been such a personal joy, and sometimes its just plain hard to let go of something we love and find fulfilling.  But the field in which I am currently called to work requires my full attention and holds a higher place of priority and so I have peace.  Not just any peace, but His peace.

Thank you for reading.  This has truly blessed me.


  1. I will miss your words of inspiration and encouragement here.But, I truly understand. Praying for you in this season.
    Also, the name of the antique mall in Asheville that I find my book treasures at is Lexington Park Antiques on West Walnut street. It is a huge place that I could spend all day at. We should go up there together. Meet in Spartanburg than drive up together. what do you think??

  2. Huh, no more blogging? It's a great blog, Mom, regardless whether you take a break. Love you.

  3. Btw, I think it's pretty clear what happened here. Mom's too busy thinking about grandbabies to blog.

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