Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kelly the Kitchen Kop's School

I was chatting with my Mom yesterday, pleading with her to become my "follower" on this blog - thanks Tan! You're #1 in more ways than one! ;D Help Mom get on board too, would you? My son urged me to try another blogging resource, but I feel it is just too busy and confusing to navigate there - besides, I don't want the pressure of a pack of followers (thinking ahead ;D); I just want a few followers to support me at this point. Mainly this is born of 1)a need to control things and 2) don't push me... and, well 3) what if I don't succeed? There's all my confessions of fear of failure in a box. It's my third post, and I'm already making public confessions!

So, if you stumble upon my site, anyone beyond my sister Tania, I invite you to be my "follower" as well. (This is just so public for me!)

Ok, enough about me. I wanted to talk about Kelly the Kitchen Kop. As I was saying, I was chatting with my Mom about the various changes I want to make in my eating habits and I mentioned raw milk. "Well, it will be pasteurized, won't it?" she asked.
"Well, you're going to boil it first, aren't you?"
No, I don't think that's what I'm supposed to do - that's pasteurization, I believe.
"Well, I don't know that I'd feel very comfortable with that," she said with doubt.

Honestly, these are all things that I am looking into as well, so I told her that I couldn't tell her right now WHY it's supposed to be better for you, but I would find out and give her the highlights. I began looking around a bit for those answers. In the course of my pursuits, I went reading through Kelly's site.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop has a plethora of material. She is a veritable encyclopedia of information on healthy natural eating, sources for organic and raw foods, delicious no-fuss recipes, the latest political issues to preserve natural farming, and bless her heart! even a section for people like me - Rookie Tips. ;P Her first words in bold are YOU CAN DO IT! I intend to carve out time over the next few days ingesting and savoring, and hopefully retaining, the education she has worked so hard to provide for the rest of us. I have said before, I am a homeschooling Mom with a mind like a seive. But I also have grown accustomed to repeating my work or readings in order to do a better job and/or achieve a greater degree of retention. I recently read Malcolm Gladwell (I envy people who are born to such encouraging last names) has researched and determined it takes the average person 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. I'm the kind of person who finds such a statistic encouraging. After all, I've only invested about 5 hours in this so far, and via the benevolence of strangers such as Kelly, I have some excellent teachers out there.

So, join me in raising a glass of organic coconut milk to my fledgling education!

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