Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where do I start?

Well, I have probably read through this book at least 2.5 times. I really expected this to be some modern-day snake-charmer shtick, but it seems there are real people out there who eat this way and swear by it's benefits. I wish I lived on a farm right now, or better yet had a sibling I could mooch off of for organic meats, eggs, milk and such.

I have had a rough idea in my mind of beginning once we start back to school, more or less, which would be somewhere around the 2nd week in January. What have I done in preparation? Well, I have purchased coconut oil and milk, and some cod liver oil, although I didn't check to see if this brand was on the list or not. I intend to pick up some dolomite and dessicated liver at my local Vitamin World.

Friends of mine purchase raw milk, so I'm hoping to get in our their alternating runs to South Carolina for it. I've looked online for local sources of beef, chicken, lamb, and even lard! Yes, I found lard not too far from me! I'm not sure how this is going to go financially, so that will be a major determinant in the size of my baby steps.

Oh! And I found both Kombuchu and coconut milk at my local Bloom - I like them ok. Kombuchu smells and tastes kind of like sparkling vinegar apple juice. I'm glad I was able to taste it before going to the trouble of making it myself. I think I'll stick with an occasional Bloom purchase at this point - but it could grow on me. Coconut milk is rather light in flavor, but it has a solid white color which is very milk convincing. That one is going to be an easy change.

I have also been soaking my oatmeal on a regular basis, which substantially reduces cooking time in the morning as well as feels good to be doing something that improves the benefits of oatmeal - already high on my good-for-you list! ;D

There are a number of places I drive by on a regular basis where goats are raised. One in particular, I go by all the time. The other day it suddenly occurred to me that they might be a good source of locating whey for fermenting sauerkraut and kimchee. Most things I've read seem to assume it is cow whey we are talking about, but upon looking into it it appears that goats will do.

Do I have the nerve to jump into what looks like real weirdness to me? I know, there are a lot of people out there to whom this is normal. And I have to say my hopeful feeling has less to do with weight loss and more to do with health. This is all making real "gut sense" to me, if you know what I mean....

Anyone else out there want to baby step this with me? It's the New Year and I love the possibilities that that always brings with it!


  1. Well, I don't know about following your way of eating, but I am definitely down with changing things up again to lose my last 30 lbs! Dec. 26 is my day to re-start the WW program! Would love to share our ideas!

  2. Hopped over from Michelle (She Looketh Well) and all I can say is ~ wow! You are one ambitious girl...well done! Great ideas for change and implementing more healthy choices for you family. It can be very overwhelming if you do not pace yourself. I know...I've been there! AND I still do not have it all together *sigh*. How wonderful that we can go forward with the help of the Lord in all these pursuits. Hang in are on the right track! :)


  3. I have just started to make some small changes myself.

    I ran into someone over the summer and she told me about the raw milk benefits and some other interesting things about traditional good-for-you foods. She mentioned the Weston A Price website, Mercola, and the Nourishing Traditions book. I put the book on hold at the library and got a good look at it before I had to return it. I also found out someone from my homeschool group was getting raw milk nearby. (I drank it growing up, but my mother bought it because it was closer and cheaper, so I had no problem making the switch.) I had taken a "cooking with whole grains" class a few years before this and finally for my birthday this year, I got a grain mill. It just seems like things are falling into place. I also was able to join a food co-op through a homeschooling friend. I really think this is an answer to my prayers for better health.

    I like your plan for the new year (I realize this was for last year) and I may borrow it and tweak it a bit to fit my resources.

    I will follow you!!!

    I have a blog too, although I am just getting started and it is not really what I want it to be. Come and visit sometime :0)

    I found your blog from a comment on the GNOWFGLINS blog. I just LOVE that one, don't you?