Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on Resolutions

Well, this is really more of a confessional, she said with a wry smile.

In order of appearance from their introduction on my Anno Domini post :
  1. Beets - it was funny to me that as I perused blogs in the first month of this year I came across a few other gals who also have an aversion to this healthy veggie as well as a secret longing to love it. And they also referred to a description that I thought I was the only one to have discovered. They think they taste like sweet dirt too! Of course, now I can't find most of those posts, but I do have this one from Just Making Noise. It looks pretty simple, but she makes it sound yummy. Plus, I love that she took her picture of her soup in a chipped bowl. I also found this great cheat on Penniless Parenting, but no... I must make something more substantial in order for it to count as following through on my resolution.
  2. Kombucha - nothing to add right now, except that my Mom remembers that she used to make this and that triggered a long-buried childhood remembrance.
  3. Whey kraut and kimchee - still not up to tackling them, although I do wish they were in my pantry. Maybe this summer.
  4. Budget management - began the New Year in earnest, trailed off into self-reliance w/o accountability, am gearing up for greater monitoring once again.
  5. 10 min of exercise 5 days a week - oh for shame! I did just fine for about 3 weeks, then I fell off my tiny little wagon. So much for the adage that it takes 3 weeks to establish a habit. In my case, at least, it appears that it would take longer. I suppose I need to renew my cheerleading efforts.
  6. Find something to experience wonder over daily. Success! Regular, well appreciated and enjoyed success with this one. What a rich blessing this has been.
Well, that's the update as of this moment. I'll be back with more as I accomplish more. I looked for an uplifting quote to end this post with. So join me here in thanking Arnold J. Toynbee, who I believe I would have liked quite a lot had we ever met:

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.

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