Sunday, December 26, 2010

J.J. Heller

Christmas has passed, and I hope that you all had a sweetly blessed time celebrating with family and friends.  I had intended to get a CD by this artist for Christmas - no biggie that I didn't.  However, this morning I went online to check on an order status, and began listening to the snippets of song samples available.  Shades of Alice following the White Rabbit!  Isn't that the way it goes once we begin internet surfing?  I went further by looking at this young woman's website and found this wonderful boxed set.  A set of five CDs for $44 plus free shipping.  Apparently, on one of the CDs there are only five songs, but they are all Christmas songs, and after listening to them, I was captured.  For those of you looking for music that turns your daughters hearts toward worship, I offer this for your consideration.

I bought it this morning.  J.J. Heller is folksy and lyrical (like some other popular artists out there today), but with messages overflowing in relationship with the Lord.  I'm looking forward to bringing them out one at a time in the coming year and listening to them with my girls - if I can bear to pace myself.

And look, she has a "real woman" blog as well....

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