Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reading, Reading, Reading... and Finally a Wee Bit of Writing

I have been on an absolutely delicious book binge, and I'm not done yet.  I just picked up eleven more books at my beloved library, and promptly got a recording that same afternoon that I now have four more waiting for me.  Ok, I have to admit I am feeling a bit out of control at this point.  I have been spending my holiday off from homeschooling in the utter indulgence of reading; I know my regular life will soon resume and forcibly put an end to my wild feast of literati.  But I still have a few days left.

My last thoughts at night as I close a book are often a fervent wish that I might have another twelve more hours added to this day in which to fill my eyes, mind, and heart with more words.  So, couple this indulgent spree to the other blessings of time spent with family and friends and there you have my explanation for my blogging absence.  I have desperately missed blogging as well, however, so this evening is as good a time as any to return.  I have come across a few other bloggers that have posted a piece containing the contents of a list; the author's various items or subject matter that they'd not gotten to post on in the past year of 2010, but wanted to make some sort of note of.  I liked that idea very well.  I don't know if I'll get back to these, but here were a few things that I have spent a good deal of  ruminating time with under the ol' thinking cap - but did not find the time I felt necessary to devote to them.  In scattered order...

1) Sierra Leone' nine years after her civil war.  On my way to meeting a friend for coffee back in November, I listened to part of a piece done by BBC World Service.  I have to admit, the tragedy in my own life at around the same time overshadowed what was happening in this far away country almost a decade ago.  Listening to the people being interviewed was mesmerizing, and I was truly touched.  The thoughts, confessions, and reflections on the past drew me in with irresistible cords, but it was the closing conclusions that most struck me and remain something still that I will undoubtedly come back to write about.  For that time, I will save this here:

2) Posole'.  I have a killer recipe for posole'.  I had no camera battery when I made this last, so I just wouldn't blog and share without a photo.  It will be here at a later date.

3) The value of writing by hand.  I heard this excellent piece on the value of writing by hand vs. using the computer.  If I can ever find it online, I would be oh so grateful.  Here's a good alternative site for a springboard, which tells itself in the title:   And could also be good:  Frustrating.  I wish I'd made note of the one that birthed the desire for this particular post, but I'm coming up empty.  Here's another that might be for me to read when I'm ready, although I'm not sure if it's about handwriting or simply writing: 

4)  The prayers of a righteous man availeth much, from James 5:16.  This was an area of deeper and sweet understanding that I had opened to me in the closing of the year.

My hopes and prayers for you are that you are greeting this New Year with anticipation, peace, and thankful hearts.  I know I sure am.  The Lord's loving faithfulness sustains me.  May you find in Him the rest and strength your souls need.

God bless you all.

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