Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Play Again (the Film)

We are fortunate that our local community college has reserved a showing of this film.  It states the obvious - that children are way too hooked into media in all its various forms these days, but I don't know that this message is being significantly heard out there in the world.  As I read blogs, I see a lot of Mommys of young ones are writing them.  I'm a Mommy to middles and olders, and believe me when I tell you the Media Monster is something that you need to watch out for.

Not all of us can move out to the country.  Not everyone can homeschool.  Not everyone has easy access to the green things of this world.  But we have a responsibility to be attentive to what kinds of things are shaping our children, and we have the power to do something about it.  I don't know that parents really understand that so much these days.  Maybe this film will give them a clue of what is going on (I mean no disrespect by that choice of words), and a nudge to make some changes.  I sincerely hope so.

We're going to see this as a family.  Check this link to see if it will be showing in your area, or what you can do about getting it shown.

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  1. Awesome video and I will have to see where it might be showing near here. So many families should see this!