Monday, March 7, 2011

Watermelon Loafers

I've been saving these little cuties to throw into my box of empty pretties for quite some time.  I have absolutely NO idea what they'd go with... but I just love them!

Ok, I actually do know exactly what I'd pair them with, although I'm sure my suggestion will induce eye rolls galore.  I also happen to love overalls.  Put me in a white tee, denim overalls rolled up a bit, and these watermelon tennies, and call me Spring.  

I've had a love affair with quirky shoes that aren't the run-of-the-mill-wear ever since I began buying my own clothes with my babysitting money.  The thing is... well, have you ever had a penchant for something that even you find a bit embarrassing?  My taste in shoes is something like that.  I pick up a pair with an unabashed coo of delight - and realize they look like something a hobbit would wear - and yet (gulp) that's my style! 

When my Dad retired from the Navy, we wound up settling in New Mexico.  I'd had my heart set on the Pacific Northwest with a view of the blue-grey ocean and the greens of maples, spruce, and alder trees; the charm of red mesas took a long time in captivating me.  Durango, Colorado was less than an hour away, however, and my little earth muffin heart found sweet comfort within its quaint, hippie atmosphere.  One high school shoe purchase was made in one of those offbeat, whimsical stores on Main Street during a weekend run up to Durango.  I recall with fondness a soft sort of desert boot of unique design, trimmed at the ankles in fur.  I sat in my English class, quite content with my quiet individuality.  The hick sitting nearby gave me the once over.  "Step on a rabbit on your way to school today?"  Redneck humor - so devastatingly clever.  

Anyway, I survived that petty belittlement with nothing but a clearly lasting memory of it thirty years later.  And I still adore funky, unconventional, comfort-driven footwear.  

I just can't help myself.

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