Monday, August 29, 2011

Eco-Dent Floss

When we moved into our current home about thirteen years ago, the surrounding area looked very different.  I joke that quite often we want to buy a place and then say, "Now stop!  No more building!"  If we only had the power.  I was encouraged, however, when our town called a nine-month-moratorium on building about ten years ago, taking a breath to consider how development should take place going forward.  Since then, we've seen an additional neighborhood, three shopping complexes, and a hospital built on our exit.  A fourth shopping complex was laid out as well, bareness beyond its streets and curbs as it awaited further construction.  I wrote Trader Joe's and personally invited them to set up shop.

Recently, a decision was made and Earth Fare decided to set down roots here.  I still favor TJ's, but EF is an ok second.  It'll do.  While making my maiden trip to the store recently, I discovered a wonderful alternate choice for dental floss.  The plastic containers of my current options pain me to toss away after each usage.  Eco-Dent to the rescue!  The outside is an environmentally friendly option made of cardboard, so I was quite happy to give this a go.  I have been 100% pleased and will not go back to the others.  The price is highly comparable to the other flosses on my neighborhood drug store shelves, and I can feel a whole lot better about the aftermath of my need to floss for good dental care.  It was so nifty!  Everything is contained within the box.  Once I brought it home and opened the top, I simply pulled a bit of the floss out, slipped the spool back inside, and closed the top while leaving the floss to run through a small opening.  Just like "real" floss!  The following is a list of further benefits of this product: 

• Vegan waxed using rice bran – light and smooth to glide easily between teeth
• Nylon, not silk – silk production involves chemical sterilization
• Refreshing, long-lasting clean mint taste
• Economical – 100 yards per package, up to 300% more floss per package than other brands
• Ecological – plastic-free, paper-fiber packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable
• Just double it up and use as dental tape – same action, less costly

Evidently, Eco-Dent offers a number of other products as well.  I will most certainly search them out and try them.  Good for me + Good for the planet = A Good Choice.

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