Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweetly Ambushed

Upfront, I have to say, I shared this with my children. On the backside (pun intended) I ate the greater portion myself. This sweet creamy slice of heaven is 125g and is intended to serve 3. I gave my three home kids a very respectable full length slice; it just so happened that I brought it in the car with me to share - and I got left alone with it while the girls were volunteering. Translation: I ate what was left before they returned.
I found this online: Per 100g this has 532 calories, 5.9g Protein, 50.3g Carbohydrates (49.3g of which sugars) and 41g Fat (25.9g of which saturates). That's so pointed at the end, don't you think?

So, I'm glad I'd made a vegetarian dinner tonight. It makes up for this indulgence, at least in part. I'd cast about for suggestions on what to do with an eggplant I received via my Neighborhood Produce pickup last week. It seems most Americans rely upon various renditions of eggplant parmigiana. I tried a recipe from, plus I doctored it up a bit more, squeezing on juice from half a lime and sprinkling coconut on top. It was also my first time to make French green lentils, which I cooked up with a delicious Indian recipe. It would have been healthier to have brown rice, I know - but I had assigned this task to Roman while I was gone. Suffice it to say, white rice is cheaper to burn. He saved most of it.

No dessert for me tonight. I've had at least 3 days worth already. And it was good....

"Stress would not be so hard to take if it was CHOCOLATE coated"


  1. Isn't it awful the good things are soooooooo bad, yet they taste yummy. Keep working on those good reciepes for our visit, always like trying new things. A bouquet of pink carnations for my baby.

  2. Isn't it nice how we can relate to one another about things like chocolate as adults? No more lock and key necessary to keep me out. ;D
    Waiting to put a date on my calendar for your visit. We miss you and Dad, but we are patient.
    Sending you a cup of chai with cream and sugar - I think you'll like it.

  3. I still hide my chocolate, you just never know. Any time after the end of Jan. We are going to Mary and Johns 50th on the 30th. Do you have anything special coming up in Feb that is not a good time? email your mama

  4. Okay, this is not a chat room ladies! :) But, I'll take a cup of that chai, as well, thank you. :)