Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do We Hear What We Are Saying?

Upon sharing the news that she was expecting twins, the other mother excitedly rejoined, "I'm not!"

Upon reflecting that his brother-in-law and sister have seven children, this young father remarked, "It's like they haven't figured out where they come from yet."

Upon getting married, the young bride explained that they would not be having kids because, "We've decided we want things."

Or all too often a mother has been heard to say, "After I had him, I just knew I couldn't handle even one more."

Names have been withheld in an attempt to protect my own skin. I am, after all, speaking from personal conversation and experiences and if anyone saw their words put in black and white like this they might very well resent me. If I left the quotes stand on their own, perhaps that would be enough.

Sometimes these sentiments have been voiced by non-Christians, and in those situations I must accept that there is a simple ignorance of the gift of Life that is bestowed upon this world in each child's conception. However, I have heard these words and others like them come from the mouths of Christians, and this saddens me. It reflects a worldly influence of which I suspect they are unaware. Most from whom I've heard these things are parents already, and it is quite evident that they love and cherish their children dearly.

There is almost a compartmentalization between the idea of having children and the reality of the ones we already can put our arms around. I think that we find it so difficult to let go of our own autonomy that we don't even see when we're doing it. My hand is raised - Guilty!

Autonomy - Ancient Greek: from αὐτο- auto- "self" + νόμος nomos, "law" "one who gives oneself their own law"
- self-directing freedom and especially moral independence

There are any number of areas where my personal hold on the lead reigns of control have worn deep grooves into the skin of my palms. I bear the calluses, blisters, and scars of my personal battles to have those straps wrested or coaxed out of my grip. And His hands are working on mine still. I hope that this is not misunderstood as self-righteousness.

This arena of children and the bearing of them is one for which my heart beats with strident tenderness. I believe we have bought into the world's persuasion without due consideration. All the rationalizations that negate an acknowledgement of our Lord as the One we would seek to determine the way in which we should go have become "common sense". Our flippant comments like the ones above prompt communal laughter and tell on us, affirming our waywardness.

The Lord tells us, " Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
the fruit of the womb a reward."

So many will respond with joy to this truth when that little one makes his or her appearance, but it is true always. Before you decide for yourself, while you are carrying their developing bodies within you, if He calls you to travel state lines or continents to get them, and ever afterward for as long as He allows, they are His gifts; and as such I believe we are wisest to allow Him to determine their giving.

Psalm 127:3

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