Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let Me Count The Ways

Some time ago, I began leaving notes for you, considering the ways in, for, about, and why I love you. I'm afraid they'll get wet from the bathroom sink and wind up in the trash. You know I am not a keeper of many mementos, but I want you to have this. So, I will keep my list here, as well as in my heart and mind, and on little blue pieces of paper.

1) I love your profile.
2) The way you support me.
3) The unmatchable sound of your laughter.
4) The way you are with our children - I love how you father them!
5) How much you love to Play.
6) How you make popcorn.
7) You - coming home to me.
Me - coming home to you.
8) How you savor vacations.
9) Your heart of Servant-Leadership.
10) The way you think of things I never would.
11) Your passion - for the Lord, for your family, for me.
12) Your voice on the other end of the line.
13) How smart you are!
14) Planning things with you.
15) The miracle that my Mom wanted me to marry you after she first spoke with you.
16) You're a talker - one who desires conversation and discussion.
17) I love how sentimental you are.
18) Sometimes all I have to do is start telling you a story about one of our kids and you start tearing up, I just love that about you.
19) Your mariachi laugh.
20) How good you are at saying, "I'm sorry."
21) You embrace conviction.  What an absolutely beautiful thing.
22) "We" are more important to you than who's right - even when I'm right.
23) How you hold your tongue with our kids, and choose your words wisely.
24) You can laugh at yourself.
25) You listen to me in the kitchen - most of the time.
26) You know the days when to give me a wide berth.
27) Your love for the men within Kairos.
28) How you are always growing....
29) Your gentleness.
30) The way you talk things through with me.
31) The way your hair stands up on your head when you're talking about something that excites you.
32) How you look at me.
33) The sound of your voice when you say my name.
34) That you take the time and make the time to do what matters.
35) Sitting with you in the movie theater.
36) Sitting across the dinner table from you.

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  1. Love goes through many trials in our lives but gets more valuable over the long years. Never perfect, like us, but worth the work we put in it.