Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Open Road Is In My Mind

Today is dragging by.....

I woke up early and wanted to DO something with my day. M left in the grey morning light for his prison ministry - how I admire his love and dedication to this calling. I considered heading out to a Farmer's Market. I've wanted to do that all summer long, but haven't been able to due to one thing or another. Then I remembered that with our recent list of changes, the girls are allowed to sleep in on Saturday mornings and hang out in their jammies all day if they like. So, I decided to let them have the lead in tailoring the day.

I had a few other ideas, just in case they ran short of them. One was to take a drive up north and check out Mayberry. How could we live so close and never visit it? We could also try our hand at canning some of our tomatoes from our finally bountiful garden. And I pulled up several recipes to choose from or pick and combine for homemade granola bars. But my girls seem to already have plans. It's going to be a day of hanging out with neighborhood girls, chatting and visiting, working on costumes for their future "movie"... typical childhood imaginative play.

So, I have busied myself the mundane work of lone productivity. Cleaning a very dirty kitchen floor and feeling the satisfaction of bare feet upon it; toying with and declining making granola bars myself, seems rather useless today; doing a few loads of laundry, a task I have assigned my children over the years, but now find joy in doing once again as three of the five are out and about in the world now; pulling steaks out of the freezer for tonight's dinner; and getting started on the drying of tomatoes for a first foray into the world of preserving. I'll give the girls a few more good hours before we head out for tonight's movie pick at Redbox.

This could be a daily wash post, but I've been feeling rather speculative lately. So I'll place this in my box of empty pretties. Today, my desires are for wide open spaces, freedom from cares, and the open canvas of endless possibilities. Our wishes and our realities don't always match, but that doesn't mean we stop dreaming.


  1. The photo may be of Scotland, but it looks like western North Carolina to me.

  2. Shy, if you ever get to thinking of the quiet days to come, forget it, nevers happens. Just remember the Texans say,"IF YOU REST, YOU RUST"

  3. I don't remember ever hearing of Mayberry. Must be somewhere too awesome for my taste.

    You've been blogging a lot lately! Stick with it. I'll have to remember it more.