Monday, August 23, 2010

Hidden In Our Hearts

There are some moments that take years of waiting to arrive. I'm not talking about wedding days or graduation ceremonies; and not the monuments of first steps or your first home. These moments are far simpler and more of a home-baked bread variety. When that spark of reading lights up within your child, or they look up at the sky and express the same marvel you have, or you stand by as they experience the pride of placing a meal made from scratch upon the table. You probably have your own list, those are just a few that thrill this particular heart.

A special one of mine is reading The Hiding Place. This is my fourth excavation of this treasure, but I have waited for years to be able to enter into it with my girls. The first time I read it was in high school with my sister, Lana. The second time was to my boys, a bit over ten years ago. The third time was on my own, in my room, away from everything and everyone else. And now I am getting to share Corrie, and Father, and Betsie, and Pickwick, and Eusie, and all of them, with my girls. I've always identified Lan and I with Betsie and Corrie, respectively, which lends a tender sweetness to the book. I have been brought to tears on this occasion of visiting the story within more than any other, I am sure. All good and right and as it should be.

I have delighted in taking the girls through a mental tour of the Beje and all its endearing oddities, introducing them to the the Tantes and the individual ways that familial love and challenges stretch them, one and all. When we read the news that Father had died, they mourned with Corrie as well. In one of my favorite chapters, The Lieutenant, I felt my girls in the small hut with the Ten Boom "children," extending their joy, their sorrow, their very inheritance, and most especially their prayers to include the searching man who had brought them all together for a stolen moment.

Tonight, A and L raced to get their showers done so that we could read one more chapter before bed. We are flying through and almost done! I smiled in delight as they ran up the stairs, hurrying. I love this. I hope they miss the Ten Booms as much as I do when the last page is read and the book is placed back upon the shelf, but that it remains alive in their hearts and memories as well - like all the best books do.


  1. I just finished the Great Gatsby (again) today. I also got around to the last chapter of Joker One. Thank you for getting me that. At the end of the book, Campbell closes with, "So I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other as best as I possibly can until my mission on earth ends and God takes me home." It was a great, meaningful read.

  2. I'm never quite sure if responding to posts is proper blog etiquette. Some do, some don't. However, in this case I'm jumping in. It gladdens my heart to see and hear your love for books that tell a story worth telling. It is a glorious mission to live our lives with such purpose. Keep your eyes on the prize, my son.

  3. I loved this blog post, and, as usual, you have the perfect photo to go with it. I have never read The Hiding Place, but it is now on my list. Love you.