Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sometimes... Weekends Are For Cooking And Cooking And Cooking

How do you wind up with a freezer full of Shiny Happy Sticky Hoison Pork Chops, Creole Roast, Bourbon Beef Tenderloin, Beef Bone Broth, Grilled Beef Heart Kabobs, Rump Roast Au Jus, Barbecue Pot Roast, Eye of Round Roast, Navy Beans with Smoked Ham, Grilled Chicken Breasts, London Broils, and Strip Skirt Steak, Eight lbs of Browned Up Ground Beef, Five dozen frozen muffins, a Blueberry Pie, a Peach Cobbler, Lemony Thai Shrimp, Spaghetti Sauce for your upcoming potluck, and your first attempt at a Pressure-Cooked Roast within a matter of 2 days? One of your children leaves the freezer open overnight.

We still have Beef Liver, Chicken Fried Steak, more smoked ham to use, some fruit smoothies and maybe some more muffins to bake up if we are not to lose the rest of the food. I and my girls are exhausted and about ready to cry "Uncle!"

My husband, although initially very upset over this, wound up considering this quite a boon and grew increasingly excited over all the cooking going on. Anyone else married to a man like this? ;D The house was filled to overflowing with the savory smells of a dozen meals at once.

While this was an unexpected and exhausting use of our weekend, no doubt we will appreciate it in the weeks to come - especially as we begin the school year. I think my honey and I are going to get away for a pre-birthday (mine!) weekend and the kids are grateful for all we have left them with.

And we give thanks.

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