Monday, May 9, 2011

Ex Nihilo

Some months back a Mom in our Legacy Girls Group focused her devotion on the time we spend with the Lord in His word.  She handed out some wonderful sheets designed to help us track our reading - unique in that they had little bubbles for us to fill in as we completed a chapter, book by book.  This served as a fun inspiration for motivating my daughters; and rather than fizzling out after the initial initial sparkle, they have proven to be the foundation of a very willing investment of their attentions.

If we get a bit off-track, these charts serve as a motivator for them to remind me and ask that we make sure to provide time to read our bibles.  How priceless is that?

I do morning devotions with them, teaching and asking questions and showing them some of what lies within His word, but this morning I decided to see if they were ready to take that next step, sharing something with us about what they'd read on their own.  After a while of listening, my hands flew out and clapped the table in appreciation.  The ways in which the wheels were turning in their minds and what they'd noticed and picked up on was purely delightful.  Dear Lord, continue to whisper.

We fumble in this world looking for meaning and answers, in simple words we are on a pursuit and quest for Truth.  He spoke the world into existence, He called from a burning bush, He announced His pleasure in His Son, He whispered after the windstorm, fire, and earthquake.

Over and over again within the past two weeks or so a Latin expression I first heard in a Dr. Grant class keeps showing up, first in my thoughts, then surprising me with its appearance in what I was reading, and then even astonishingly coming from another in conversation.  Not the kind of thing you hear every day: Ex Nihilo - out of nothing.  Why is it that we so often have to come to the end of ourselves with nothing left to self-satisfy?  I hope that is not what it takes, but if it does He is there. I know this.  My prayer for those I love is that they find His word, His voice, His declaration. When there is nothing else, He is there still.  Dear Lord, keep on whispering.

* * Still Small Voice by Elizabeth Polfus

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  2. Yes, I've got to check if my 5 are still reading their Bibles on their own. We read 3x a day as a family, but personal reading is important, too.

    I put it on my to do list for today. Thanks.

    I'm glad I found you through Simple Living; your profile could almost be mine.... I love "militant flower child!" LOL


    Annie Kate