Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Prayer Request

I come from a military family.  My father and both brothers served our country by way of the US Navy. One of my sons is currently in the Air Force ROTC, and a nephew recently signed up for the Navy as well. Last week, I attended the graduation ceremony from Army bootcamp for a friend's son, and a few days later our neighbors' son left for the same boot camp.  I am proud that our country devotes both today and Veterans Day to remembering our troops.  These soldiers and sailors are our loved ones or oftentimes the loved ones of people we know, and many lives are impacted by each individual's decision to take up arms to defend and protect.

I am sharing this request for another Mom who's heart is tender for the son of a friend, and asking that you might lift him up in prayer.  Thank you, and thanks to our United States Military Forces.

Dear all,
Could you please take a minute to help?

Last October, a home-school mother asked if our Key Club would participate in a Christmas letter-writing effort.  She spoke to our club on behalf of her brother, Ricky who was back from serving overseas in the armed forces.  Even though he was struggling with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), he was concerned for others with whom he served.  He told his family about the men and women who were raised in the foster care system, then joined the military at 18 years old.  These soldiers did not get letters from home and they had no family to whom to return after war.  Some were wounded and recovering in hospitals, receiving no mail and no visitors.  Despite Ricky's own struggles, he asked that his family reach out to the others who stood alongside him as they served and fought.  Our Key Club wrote letters for the "Soldiers Angels" effort.

But this Memorial Day, Ricky needs our prayers --- he is struggling mightily.

A nurse practitioner friend met with me for coffee after she wrapped up her instructor course at Queens College and before she moved to Topsail Island.  She told me that she had attended the Laying On of Hands service at the college, and it was a powerful send-off.  Another friend in Montana sends updates about a compelling program that includes regular Laying On of Hands in her Episcopal church.

I am asking them and all of you ---- would you please invite all your family, extended family, friends and neighbors to create an e-prayer chain for Ricky?  Take this minute, or several minutes and please....join hands or close your eyes and see in your mind, joining hands with all whom you love ---- and pray for Ricky.  Pray for his healing, pray for the restoration of his spirit.

Thank you.

In Christ,