Thursday, January 6, 2011

Relationship See-Saws

The bonds of family and friendships sure are challenging, aren't they?  I mean, so much focus and work goes into a good, healthy relationship.  I love having a large family, and would open my life and arms to more if the Lord were to call us to, but the six people I live with now fill my days with quite enough.

Actually, my oldest moved out and on again this week. This time he is residing and working in our state, so that is good. We are e-mail correspondents once again, and I actually like that.  Not necessarily that I prefer it, but I am comfortable with this form of communication.  I do not find it so limiting.  Not so many years ago, far more people kept up and nurtured their relationships by way of letters. Yes, despite the current surge in texting, I believe this was so.  There is just such a real-ness, a human-ness, to telling somebody about something and how it delighted and tickled you, that simply cannot be captured in LOL.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness writing requires of us, and the gifting of ourselves that goes into the journaling of an exchange of the day's events, our thoughts and reflections.  We are deepened by it, as is our recipient reader.

My yesterday was quite the challenge.  Some of my family were on highs of accomplishment, others on lows of trying to find satisfaction in what is rather than what would be; some gave me the contest of immovable will (which will be moved), and others revealed tests to deal with which I never would have anticipated in my wildest dreams.  To each I responded with the words and grace the Lord provided. What a difference that makes - versus my own minimal wit, strength, patience, and abilities.  And blessing of blessings, I'm pretty sure they all went to bed feeling well loved.

A good day.


  1. another lovely post Shy, thanks for sharing and reminding me that we are not islands!

  2. Thanks for sharing!....A friend loves at all times... (Prverb.17:17)...your post encourage me to write more to them :)

  3. Thank you Ladies. Sometimes the details are best left unsaid; this was one of those posts where stepping back and assessing the bigger picture was best for all and still captured what I wanted to.

    You are both right as well.

  4. We were just having this conversation a few days ago. The value of the written word and real conversations cannot be overstated. I worry that
    our kids have short-circuited that virtue with sound bites, photo-ops & texting, etc. Not everything in life can be resolved or for that matter enjoyed in 10 letter conversations. ykwim???? (you know what I mean?) :)))))

  5. Life has many unexpected happenings. I know my letters to my mom are treasured