Thursday, January 20, 2011


A little while back, I came across a recommendation for Jasmere.  They work something like Groupon, but a bit different.  There is a starting bargain price, but even that can go down a bit lower if we get a whole boatload in on the deal. Since I am all into saving money, I signed up right away - especially because they were giving me the opportunity to purchase glass straws for smoothies!  I have wanted some ever since I found out about Strawesome, and this seemed like a perfect Christmas present for myself.  I held onto the coupon for a while, as I'd gotten word that some new styles would be coming out after the first of the year.  In the end, I wound up with six of these beauties.  Oh - and a few little cleaning brushes as well.

One each in Autumn Amber, Going Green, Pink Sapphire, Brilliant Blue, and Amethyst.  And the Winter Bliss as well - which looks a bit like a little snail curled up on my straw.  More Spring Fling-like to me, but adorable just the same.

The girls and I used them for the first time today.  I-just-love-em!  Your girlfriend's favorite color in the classic black carrying case?  A perfectly thoughtful and uniquely memorable gift.

Right now I have them living in a mason jar on the counter, but I might have to treat myself to the multiple straw carrying case at a later date.  So thumbs up for Jasmere and Strawesome from me!


  1. Hey Shy, Refer me and I'll sign up.

  2. Oh, aren't you too sweet! How are Finny and Mommy doing today?

  3. Omy goodness. I have got to have these!!!!

  4. how pretty! I'm new to the smoothie thing (I like the raspberry from Smoothie King). Those straws look like works of art! :)