Monday, March 15, 2010

Captivated by This Bizarre Love Child

I just love our Pastor, Giorgio Hiatt. I love that he loves words and everything about them. I love that he understands that words mean something. I went looking to see if he might not have a blog I could read, thinking it would most certainly be interesting and thought provoking. It was.

The Blog In My Own Eye
I vowed to never blog. It was immoral--the bizarre love child of the voyeur and the exhibitionist.
Don't you just love his way with words, his turning of a phrase, the way he gently mocks both himself and us at the same time, like a teasing big brother? He cleanly drives home the point of his blade, while remaining above the fray, arms folded behind when you looked to see - ouch! Who poked me?

"The bizarre love child of the voyeur and the exhibitionist." Hmmm.......
I have mused over this clever little synopsis of what it means to blog. Personally, I abhor the word itself. It lacks any of either the finesse of the word "writing" or the empathy for all of the mental considerations and sweat that goes into this craft. But I am speaking from my own personal point of origin.

Bloggers do so for any number of reasons and come in all manner of styles - political, advisory, ministerial, alternative, online clubs, seekers, sensationalists, artists, hermits, movers and shakers, activists, travelers, missionaries, the lonelies, and my personal favorites - the foodies. Certainly among those I've thought of (and the countless others I've missed), there are the voyeurs and the exhibitionists. I'll even allow for at least a 1/4 cup of those qualities in every blogger out there, your's truly included.

Giorgio's comment nudged me to consider why I undertook a blog, myself. Blogs, for lack of a better name, are both books and galleries - both of which I could spend hours within their pages or walls. For me, it is writing; it is art. I drool over the beauty of other's cover pages. I envy their splendid cameras that can deliver such perfect photos. I groan in admiration and jealousy over the writing of another. I get over it and do my own thing. Most of all, I get to express myself in the medium of my heart. And like my walk, I am challenged to do this thoughtfully, in a way that is in right keeping with a good response to I John 2: And now, dear children, continue in Him, so that when He appears we may be confident and unashamed before Him at His coming.

It could be today! So blog like it.


  1. Good photo choice.

    Also, that Julie and Julia girl started her blog at As the description says, "Open Salon is a publishing platform with a built-in audience."

    If you want more readers, you might try opening a blog there instead.

  2. I was so excited when I came across this photo! It is perfect, isn't it?

    I checked out Salon, but it's too confusing. Maybe later. Right now, I'm content to stay put.

    Baby steps are the way to go.

  3. Admiring others work inspires us to work and improve.

  4. Well thought and said, Momma.

    The foodies' blogs are the best. Jenny has been writing one; you should check it out sometime, she would love the traffic.

    I was going to make breakfast for dinner tonight (complete with french toast, hasbrowns, and sausage), but the power is out due to a storm. It has stopped raining at present... I think I am going to risk it and venture out for dinner tonight. hopefully i don't get soaked!

  5. Never stop writing and setting before us the gallery of your heart and mind. They delight us as we read and see.

    And frankly, by posting i have shown my hand. I embody too much cowardice to blog regularly...proving myself, once again, mostly a voyeur.

    Keep inspiring me, and all who read nourishingstrength, to venture out with our words--unafraid.