Saturday, March 20, 2010

The End (Is Only The Beginning)

Well, if I just had an extra $800....

That's what it would put me back to get this absolutely perfect gift for my son, D - $750 for the book, $50 for shipping. I was looking at a few back issues of NPR's The Picture Show when I was introduced to Rodney Smith. The connection in my mind between D and this fellow was instantaneous.

When the boys were younger, I discovered Chris Van Allsberg's wonderful The Mysteries of Harris Burdick in our local library. I used his fantastic mysterious drawings as springboards for the boys to create their own stories. His drawings left so much to the imagination while at the same time providing fodder for fancy to take flight within the mind. Even now, when I look within the book's pages I feel the tingling of creativity bubbling up.

Well, combine puzzling pictures with photography and a more mature and quirky sense of humor and you get either Rodney Smith or my son, D. It'd be a coin toss really, only Mr. Smith has beaten D to the punch and is reaping the fun, financial rewards for it. I was laughing out loud in delight at his photos - clever, whimsical, original, and I especially liked his black and white ones. I would absolutely love to get his book for my sweet boy - but there are only 1,000 autographed copies available and they are a bit too rich for this Mama's pocketbook. So into the box of empty pretties it goes.

Here's a delightful excerpt detailing his latest book:

If I could, I would pick out a few delightful choice photographs and surprise Dom with them on the walls of his room at home. So, I "pretend" gift it to you, D. Hope you like it too.

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  1. Way, way cool! I love the photo you used for you blog post! Awesome! Awesome!